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Rough around the edges

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Burned || Fic [Jul. 10th, 2008|05:52 am]
Rough around the edges


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Title: Burned
Author: alitllepsycho
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be...
Rating (Fandom)): G-PG-ish (Twilight)
Summary: They had both been burned by Forks’ dream couple. But then again, who hadn’t been?
A/N: Um.. My first ever Twilight Fic! Very random, pretty vague, kind of sucks...

They had both been burned by Forks’ dream couple. But then again, who hadn’t been?

She had unknowingly fallen in love with the monstrous angel.

He had forced himself to love the deceptively sweet little lamb.


They meet at the wedding wedding. Both wanted to make the happy couple remember who they’d hurt. He sees her sitting alone at the reception, empty champagne glass in front of her. She had a date, but he went off with her best friend.


He goes to her and extends a hand. She knows who he was. Not his name, but she knows his face. The tall boy that brought the lamb back to life when the angel left. She remembers him only because she thought he could be a good alliance. They have quite a bit in common, after all.


They dance, both revelling in the pained look on the new bride’s face. Him because she deserves to know how it feels, and her because she finally has something the bride doesn’t, even if it is only for the moment.


After the reception ends, and he knows his lamb(no, not his anymore, never really his), is off to be killed, they go back to her place.


They start the night as broken, shattered beings, but by morning, they’ve begun to piece each other back together.


[User Picture]From: kaiwynn
2008-07-10 04:24 pm (UTC)
ohhhh. <3

that was so heartbreaking. i hurt inside for those two. but they are so broken, aren't they? you conveyed their feelings so well.

all this means two things. one: you are an amazing writer and i loved your fic. two: you need to write for twilight more often!

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[User Picture]From: alittlepsycho
2008-07-18 07:28 am (UTC)
OMG. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! I've got more Twilight stuff coming soon. My brain loves it... Poor Jake and Jess....
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[User Picture]From: rosweldrmr
2008-08-19 07:17 pm (UTC)

I loved it. I read it awhile ago, but never got around to commenting on it. This is lovely. Just perfect.

Thanks for sharing. <3
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